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digital transformation of SMEs via design sprints

We facilitate design driven sprints to help companies achieve digital realization

futu has been chosen among 56 agencies to help Danish SMEs innovate their digital challenges. We facilitate design driven sprints to help companies achieve digital realization. Our work is part of the government´s strategy for Denmark’s digital growth, therefore mainly financed by the organizations Danish Design Center and Design to Innovate. 

the process

what is Sprint:Digital?

Do you and your company have plans to get started with digitization or do you want to strengthen existing digital initiatives? Join Sprint:Digital and go from idea to proven concept and action plan in just five days.

Design sprints have been used by Google Venture for several years and have become widespread and is used worldwide as an efficient and financially profitable method that delivers concrete results immediately.

Examples of digital initiatives could be check-in systems, inventory management, invoicing, web shop, actual product development etc.

this is what you will receive:

A professionally facilitated design sprint, which in five days will results in:   

  • A mapping of your company’s digital possibilities.
  • Development of ideas and concepts to solve your company’s digital challenges.
  • User test and feedback on your company’s concept to ensure fine tuning of your digital initiatives.
  • Action plan for implementing your company’s digital initiatives.
  • For each sprint, you will receive a 25,000 free advisory coupon for a digital expert.
  • Practical experience with design sprints.

significantly reduced prizes

Sprint:Digital is subsidized by the Danish government, this is why we have the opportunity to offer small to medium-sized businesses design sprints at significantly reduced prices.

  • The first sprint is DKK 25,000, the second sprint is DKK 15,000 and the third sprint is DKK 10,000.
  • Your company can participate in up to three sprints. First sprint includes a scoping session with your sprint consultant.
  • For each sprint, you will receive a 25,000 free advisory coupon for a digital expert.
  • If you need additional help, a coupon can be purchased for DKK 5,000, max 3 per. business.


sign up now!

If you would like to sign up or know more about what Sprint:Digital can do for your business, please contact us.

fast tracking
SMEs digital

fast tracking
SMEs digital


Prior to the first design sprint, you will have an intro meeting with futu.

We will help you to assess and clarify the challenge or idea that you would like to work with. You can also consult a digital expert, to clarify your challenge thus optimizing your sprint.


A sprint runs over five full days.

DAY 1: defining the challenge
DAY 2: ideation af possible solutions
DAY 3: conceptualizing the final solution
DAY 4: prototyping and test preparation
DAY 5: test and validation plus action plan


After a sprint you will receive help to implement your initiative or develop new initiatives. This can be done either through a new sprint or with the help of our experts in design and digitization.

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