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VOXBOX MUS – tool for human resources management

ever wondered if you could create more value in the leaders development meetings with employees ?

futu took up the challenge and designed an elegant and human-centered tool that empower the dialogue between the two and sharpens the outcome.

enrich the outcome

VOXBOX MUS is a face-to-face tool that helps executives and employees before, during and after an appraisal interview.

VOXBOX MUS stimulates a clear-cut focus on the employee’s personal and organizational skills, knowledge, abilities and future ambitions.

be clear on strengths and goals

The tool creates an active dialogue with focus and presence. In the conversation, strengths and goals become clear. The tool is an easy-to-use physical and digital solution, which integrates in-depth HR-research, gamification and behavioral design. It’s made for organizations who want the best out of their leaders and employees.

“it’s so intuitive,
logic & easy to use”

says Section Manager from Residential organization

VOXBOX MUS is developed on the basis of futu’s many years of experience in designing aesthetic and user-friendly tools, nudging humans to reflect and cooperate.

“the tool is super brilliant & something everyone can relate to”

says Head of Project and Test management from Software Company

“the tool is super brilliant
& something everyone
can relate to”

says Head of Project and Test management from Software Company

productive dialogues

VOXBOX engage employees and leaders in productive dialogues. It’s a tool to energize communication, reduce cultural barriers and enhance talent. VOXBOX can be used frequently in a speed version supporting rapid development, and occasionally in its full version to support the in-depth thorough talk about job satisfaction and long-lasting goals. The tool benefit both the company and the individual employee.


VOXBOX DAYS is an exclusive training course targeted leaders and HR managers, who wants the best out of their employees. VOXBOX DAYS strengthen your skills related to employee development and productivity, including action-oriented insights matching the values and needs of generation Z and Y. Learnings and methods are based on international research, behavioral design theory and Design Thinking. Participants completing the training course are certified users of VOXBOX MUS and ready to share learnings and scale the VOXBOX methods at their workplace.

human-centered tool empower the dialogue
between leaders and employees

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