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BLOXHUB is an international innovation hub that brings together companies, organizations and researchers to co-create solutions for better cities. BLOXHUB challenged futu to reinvent their way of doing meetings, with a special focus on panel debates.

a playful and visionary concept

As a leading international hub, BLOXHUB needs to offer unique meeting experiences for a diverse audience. BLOXHUB wanted to challenge the classic ‘sit down and listen’ concept related to panel debates and asked futu to invent a cool concept matching the BLOXHUB values about playfulness, co-creation and shared knowledge.

futu designed a visionary concept embracing the full participant experience from arrival to exit.

tools and guidelines

The concept is flexible and easily implemented through an elegant digital and psychical box with tools and guidelines embracing all aspects of the BLOXHUB meeting experience:
From space design, talks and engagement of participants to the role of the BLOXHUB hosts, guidelines on you make food stimulate network & fun (we call it social serving) and strategic use of light & sound during events.

the Debate & Opiniate kit

connect. share. scale.

“Our new concept helps debaters and audience think better together and collaborate in a curios and playful way. The tools fit perfectly into our ambition to be a hub where great minds experiment and share to shape better ideas, build better solutions and allow cities to flourish.”

says Helle Stendorff, event manager, BLOXHUB

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